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Welcome to The Plate

The Plate Mission

  • India’s food and agriculture system is vast, complex, and fascinating. Our mission is to empower you with insights to understand India from farm to plate.

  • If you have a curious mind, let’s set off on a journey to the farmers’ fields, rural mandis, urban markets, science labs, and food factories, finding context and clarity, connecting the dots, and making sense of food and agriculture, an area fundamental to our very existence.

  • We believe agriculture can make the India enormously healthy and prosperous. If urban Indians engaged more with the food that lands up on our plate, the world would certainly be a better place.

What is The Plate?

The Plate is a digital media product that aims to help people understand India from farm to plate. We are an independent media organization committed to bringing in-depth, original, fun and engaging stories on the food and agriculture sector from across India.

Why The Plate?

India’s food and agriculture is a $500 billion industry. It employs half of the workforce, uses 40% of the country’s land and 80% of the water resources. But the media barely gives it the attention it deserves.  If we don’t understand our food and farming adequately, our responses to issues such as food security and climate change will remain superficial.

Only an informed citizenry can ask the right questions of our governments, policy makers, and corporations on a subject as critical as food and agriculture.

What to expect from The Plate?

User-focussed : We tell stories that educate, enlighten and entertain. We believe India’s vast and complex food and agriculture can be explained with clarity and vitality. And it can be done in an approachable voice.

Nothing too small : No question about this sector is too small or unimportant. Every question is in fact an opportunity to explore and understand India better.

Optimism : In a media environment where frivolous politics, irrelevant issues and polarised debates hold sway, we focus on the big trends shaping food and agriculture, and the solutions smart farmers, scientists and entrepreneurs are working on.

Honest journalism : We are journalists not activists. We don’t have political biases. The Plate stands for science and reason.