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Agri grads from Nashik who are linking up farmers with markets and tech

author Srishti Kukreja
16 Oct 2023 | 08:29 AM

Sagar Wagh and a bunch of young agri graduate friends in Nashik weren’t content with secure jobs at large companies. They wanted to contribute in more direct ways to better the lives of farmers in the region. They co-founded Deltafiia Official, a farmer producer company in 2018. Their aim was to help reduce production costs, increase yields, and create link farmers to pan-India buyers such as Reliance and Dehaat. Their new tech platform collects farm data to make accurate production estimates. With 360 members and a Rs 2.5 crore turnover last year, Deltafiia is ready to take this story global.
This is a special series in collaboration with Samunnati on some remarkable farmer producer companies that demonstrate when small farmers come together, they can make a big difference!

Created by: Fehmi Mohammed, Srishti Kukreja and Anisha Jain

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